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The RR Consultancy is part of a network of independent consultants, market information and research specialists, database experts and other professional marketing and business consultants. Whilst many, smaller projects are conducted by a single senior consultant, larger projects are frequently resourced with other experienced specialists with complementary skills.  The lead consultant, Robert Riggall, is fully accountable for your project's delivery.

Robert Riggall has over 25 years marketing and business research experience in several industry sectors, most recently in the leisure and licensed trade.  He is an economist with an MBA, as well as being a Chartered Member of the Institute of Marketing and a member of the Independent Consultants Group.

Details of other consultants associated with the RR Consultancy include several experienced specialists:


International research and market development
Ross Wood


Drinks sector and fmcg products
Richard Horswell Market Research

Tourism and hotel markets
Marketing Planning Associates

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