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Market information

Feasibility studies

Business intelligence

Food & Drink sector studies

Database development

Market information

Market analysis and modelling is our mainstay: estimating market sizes, structures and trends.

Socio–economic trends and market sector forecasts: identifying the key drivers in your market.

Consumer and customer research: identifying your current customer base and potential consumers.

Competition research and benchmarking: how well are competitors' doing? Why are they different?

Brand positioning and NPD: working with your team on your existing and potential service brands.

How?  through:


Desk research and analysis, including internet, email and telephone research techniques


Qualitative and quantitative research with both consumers and customers, often with other specialist consultants

Financial and economic analysis: looking at the 'big picture' of macro trends within the economy, then analysing how they affect your market and products

Geodemographic analysis: especially analysing the feasibility of potential development locations

Customer database development and applications

BUT, especially, working with you and your team, on the solution to your business problems.

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